Group: Policy Briefs

Stages of Transformation in Food Processing and Marketing: Results of an Initial Inventory of Processed Food Products in Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Mwanza

Claire Ijumba, Jason Snyder, David Tschirley and Thomas Reardon

Local Response to the Rapid Rise in Demand for Processed and Perishable Foods: Results of an Inventory of Processed Food Products in Dar es Salaam

Jason Snyder, Claire Ijumba, David Tschirley, Thomas Reardon

The Triple Impact of Climate Change, The Post-Covid-19 Pandemic, And the Russian -Ukraine War on Tanzania’s Food Security: Policy Implications and Recommendations


Methods for Agrifood Transformation Research: Best Practices in Conducting Processed Food Inventories

D. Tschirley, C. Ijumba, S. Liverpool-Tasie, G. Mosse, J. Massingue, J. Snyder